Facts and truths

The truth is out there somewhere, we only have to recognize it when it stares us in the face.

— Pleiocratus of Delos, Greek philosopher ca. 700BC

Facts are the only thing that ever came between me and my family. My family means everything to me. Facts are like uninvited guests at a bar-mitzvah.

— Abraham Rosenbauer, 18th-century scholar

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Other News

Global tea revenue drops as people discover coffee

Coffee consumers world-wide have sparked a massive drop in tea sales, also world-wide. Simultaneously, people are spending less time in bed and more time GettingStuffDone.

Solar radiation beneficial for academics

Prolonged exposure to hard radiation from space has shown to improve scientific creativity in some people. Universities should encourage academics to spend more time outside.

Government depopulation list just a myth

Allegations that several national governments around the world are maintaining secret "depopulation lists" have been confirmed as untrue. According to official spokespersons, none of the governments in question have any intention to depopulate uncomfortable citizens or resident aliens. The international community reacted with great relief.

Floobagotchies more popular than ever

A recently hyped interest in local produce has causes a spike in floobagotchy seed sales in the UK. The trees bear juicy, round, portable fruits which are both tasty and healthy, and consumers have been lining up at local markets to get their share of the delicacies. The NHS has issued a statement that regular consumption of floobagotchies may reduce undesired encounters with health professionals.


Science true

Mathematicians and physicists working jointly have finally proved that science is true.

Donuts considered helpful

In a series of independent studies conducted over the past four years, nutritional scientists and psychologists have confirmed yesterday that donuts are beneficial to both physical health and emotional well-being. People whose lifestyle includes regular consumption of donuts have consistently turned out to be more adjusted, productive, and happy. Corporate offices across the world\\\'s capitals have begun to encourage employees to enjoy a shared donut break at least once a week, and some managers have already reported surprisingly positive effects.